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White dove release or releases for wedding

Offering the most affordable white dove release to Bay Area.

White doves always unexpected, always remembered!

GoDoves can help you create that dramatic element to the end of your wedding ceremony.  Snow white doves released at your wedding are a blessing to the bride and groom.  White doves mate for life so they are a symbol of your eternal commitment to each other.  White dove releasing is a gorgeous and elegant expression of peace, love, and commitment. The breathtaking sight of snow-white doves circling above brings about feelings of joy and new beginnings with our white dove release.

The white doves, once mated to one another, are bonded in a deep, devoted lifetime attachment.   They share equally in all of their duties.  Similarly, a man and woman united in marriage is a show of their love for each other.  


Symbolic Birds
for Wedding

Whether you pick two symbolic birds or a flock that will sail away, it will be one of the highlights of your day.  Our doves are hand-raised homing birds, upon release, they will circle overhead for several minutes to gain their bearings, then head straight for home!  It is a lovely sight to behold, and eco-friendly with our white dove release.

We can professionally release 1-100 live snow-white doves at your wedding to creating a beautiful sight to be enjoyed by all, not to mention being the talk of your wedding reception!

Find a brief overview of what’s included in our packages. Check availability and book your preference beneath.

We Guarantee Dove Releases

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Each additional dove costs $15.  An additional charge may be added if the service location is outside of our service area Zone A..   Such fees are added to the base price on each package.  Please click on "Release Policy" for details.

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