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White dove release or releases for funeral

Offering the most affordable white dove release to Bay Area.

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Memorial and Funerals Services

The release of majestic White Doves provides an emotional, beautiful, symbolic and memorable experience ending to a funeral or memorial service.  Whether at a graveside, after a church service, burial at sea, at the beach, or a backyard ceremony, the release provides an awesome ending to any service.  

A ceremonial white dove release creates a beautiful symbolic moment of silence at any funeral or memorial. All one can hear is the gentle sounds of wings against the air as a flock of white doves are released. As the doves circle above like assembling Angels, the effect is punctuated by a lone white dove released by a family member to ascend to join the flock, as if Angels were escorting it home.  This makes a heartfelt and symbolic conclusion to a loved one's memorial or funeral ceremony and will be a thoughtful and unique gift.


Why would we want to release doves?

This beautiful presentation has brought comfort and inspiration to hundreds.  As they soar into the
heavens, one can imagine the spirit of their loved one going to their eternal resting place.  Once a family has experienced the impact of a dove release, we find they order the birds again and again as their friends and relatives leave this world.

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We can professionally release from one to 100 live, snow-white doves to create magnificent, attention-getting and symbolize angels traveling with the spirit of the deceased leading the person to their final destination.

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