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 Offering the most affordable dove releases to Bay Area.

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Add an elegant, beautiful and symbolic touch to all your special events …  weddings, proposals, graduations, grand openings, funerals, Celebration of Life services … or any special occasion.  For centuries, pure white doves have been elegant symbols in ceremonies and events. In marriage they epitomize eternal life, love, peace, faith, purity, happiness, and unity. If you see a dove on your wedding day, a happy home is assured; they are the sign of love, faithfulness and fertility. In death they symbolize the most significant transition, the journey from physical life to death and spiritual rebirth.  


Our professional services include the entire Bay Area.  We take pride in providing a beautiful memory for your family and friends.


We Guarantee Dove Releases


Second only to wedding vows, the timely release of white majestic doves symbolizes new beginnings, peace, fidelity, love, happiness, and prosperity. Releasing white doves is a beautiful representation of the commitment made by a bride and groom. A pair of doves is often a symbol for harmonious family life, committed partnership and teamwork between partners

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Doves appear in the symbolism of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Paganism. White Doves are seen by cultures around the world to be symbolic of spiritual travel between Earth and the Heavens, therefore a constant reminder of the essence that connects humanity to God. 


Celebrate a Graduation, Reunion, Homecoming, Grand Opening, or Sporting Event with a demonstration of your optimism. There are many positive attributes associated with white doves: hope, honesty, purity, and love are only a few. They are a perfect culmination of your belief in the future!

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What better way to express true love and commitment with the timeless symbolic white dove release during or after your wedding ceremony?