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Dove handler who will coordinate and manage the release so it goes smoothly.

You would pick up white doves to be brought out to the funeral services. A car would be required for this. We pay a standard rate for the miles you drive which covers gas and wear on your car. When at the funeral service you would explain a symbolism for the dove release that helps the family connect with what we are doing. Typically that is a symbolism based on John 14 where Jesus promises he is going to prepare a home for those that believe in Him. The doves also have a home prepared for them that they return to promptly after release.

The fact that the doves can return from anywhere in Bay Area makes it a fun and fascinating job. It's also especially meaningful for those that see it as a ministry and a way to help families process their grief.

Beyond driving to the release location, there is a lot of free time waiting for everyone to arrive.  Two hours minimum pay per job.  Services are typically less than 15 minutes long so it's a great job that lets you get paid while also taking care of homework and other things that are important to you while you wait.

We are very flexible with your schedule but our busiest days are Friday and Saturday so if you have no classes those days we'll keep you busy! And if you have a busy week packed with homework and tests just tell us ahead of time and we are happy to work around your schedule. But if you commit to doing a release we expect you to do it, so there are a lot of details we have to juggle so reliability is one of the most important traits we value.

About GoDoves - Professional White Dove release.

We release white doves at funerals that are trained to return to our home. The role you would play is bringing these doves out to funeral services, explaining the brief symbolism, and helping the family be part of the dove release.  The symbolism we share is from John 14 when Jesus promises he is going to prepare a home for those that believe in Him.  We have been doing this for a quite while in Bay Area and it's often the most memorable and powerful experience that families have when processing their grief.

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GoDoves is rapidly growing and we are currently seeking new team members.  If you are interested in more information, please complete the below form and we will reach out.

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