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Job Description: Dove Handler for GoDoves

Position: Dove Handler

Job Description:
We are seeking a dedicated and responsible Dove Handler to join our team at GoDoves. As a Dove Handler, your primary role will be to coordinate and manage the release of white doves during funeral services, ensuring a smooth and meaningful experience for the families involved. In addition to handling the doves, you will also explain the symbolism behind the dove release to help the family connect with the significance of the moment.



Pick up white doves and transport them to the funeral services using your own car.
Coordinate the timing and logistics of the dove release, ensuring a seamless process.
Explain the symbolic meaning of the dove release, drawing from the passage in John 14 where Jesus promises to prepare a home for believers.
Assist the family in participating in the dove release and ensure their comfort during the process.
Provide a compassionate and supportive presence to help families in their grieving process.


Hourly pay of $25 with a minimum of two hours per job.
Additional travel pay will be provided for distances exceeding 25 miles, covering your gas expenses.



Experience a rewarding and meaningful role in helping families process their grief.
Enjoy the flexibility of free time during waiting periods, allowing you to attend to personal tasks or studies.
We offer a flexible schedule, with Fridays and Saturdays being our busiest days. We can work around your class schedule or accommodate busy weeks with prior notice.



Possess a reliable car for transportation of the doves.
Demonstrate reliability and commitment to fulfilling scheduled releases.
Excellent communication skills to explain the symbolism of the dove release effectively.
Compassion and sensitivity when interacting with grieving families.
Ability to manage time effectively and maintain professionalism throughout the process.
Join our team at GoDoves and contribute to creating powerful and memorable experiences for families during their grieving process. Your role as a Dove Handler will make a significant impact, bringing comfort and meaning to those who seek solace through this symbolic gesture.

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GoDoves is rapidly growing and we are currently seeking new team members.  If you are interested in more information, please complete the below form and we will reach out.

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